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A society free from inequalities and a society with a culture of philanthropy
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Building a just and humane society

Creating enabling conditions for total realisation of human potential

Practising and popularising development measures that are sustainable for future generations
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Human Development Society (HDS) is a non-profit secular non-governmental development organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act (XXI) 1860. Donations to HDS are eligible for tax relief under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Despite governmental and non-governmental interventions for development, upward economic mobility of the middle class, increasing international recognition as a powerful economy and vibrancy of democratic institutions, human deprivation continues to be India’s one of the most important challenges. Social and economic vulnerability of people at the grassroots is a well known fact. In the absence of productive assets and inadequate opportunities for income, more than one-third of the country’s population continues to counter poverty, malnutrition, inadequate healthcare facilities and several other forms of deprivation almost on daily basis. Besides, there are other equally grave problems like political and bureaucratic indifference, pollution, declining faith in criminal justice administration and corruption that affect every section of our society in varying degree. Like India, people in many of the Afro-Asian countries face multiple systemic problems that need sustained programmatic intervention for a change. While countries like Somalia, Myanmar and Nepal remain politically volatile, even democratic countries like South Africa, Uganda and India have miles to go before they can make their societies truly democratic and empower their citizens to counter deprivation.

The challenges of human deprivation and the desire to create a credible, transparent, committed and sustainable organisation at the national as well as international level to fight human deprivation were the key motivating factors behind the establishment of Human Development Society. The organisation receives intellectual inputs from its members and advisers who are qualified professionals belonging to diverse fields like Rural Development, Agriculture, Sociology, Spiritualism, Journalism, Child Rights, Economics, Medicine and Criminology. Besides, there are other professionals and volunteers who ensure its smooth functioning.